Libra weekly astrology forecast march 9 2020 michele knight

This is your house of secrets, of metaphysical and spiritual matters. Full Moons as well you know, shine their light into the house opposite to the one in which they appear — in this case your 6 th. Look for connections between how you feel and what you do. Are you truly listening to what your intuition is telling you? Is it time to act on this finally especially if a situation is affecting your energy or wellbeing? Time to follow your emotional truth. Uranus and your 11 th house is where your future gets created. New and future defining connections can be made this month thanks to Jupiter aligning to it on the 15 th.

The 20 th has Venus enter your 8 th adding passion and depth to those intimate relationships. Re-ignite the sizzle in an existing relationship or take that new one to the next step. Your new cycle of relating officially begins with the new Moon in here on the 26 th. However — this comes with an eclipse. The eclipse also occurs within one degree of Jupiter. In fact, the Sun will conjoin with Jupiter the following day. Eclipses always conceal something. Total eclipses mean we are utterly in the dark. Annular eclipses — we have a flash of insight but not the bigger picture.

This all points to you either not knowing the possible potential around a new connection or not yet being certain of the way forward with an existing one. Play the waiting game.

At least until January. Mercury in your 7 th from the 29 th fuels both love and working relationship discussions. Collaborative efforts are favoured now for those of you back at work or even thinking about that new job for early Fate could be at work once more, bringing someone or something full circle or into your life at precisely the right time for you to experience it.

Libra - Horoscope - by Michele Knight

The same day Mercury trines Uranus. For you, the new year begins right now. Be out and about and be seen. Destiny in the form of someone, is seeking you out this December, Cancer. That long term lover, marriage partner, business or working relationship or close friend. Embrace a new era of relatedness now. How many of these themes have you experienced? The vibe changes at the start of December as Jupiter moves on into your 6 th on the 2 nd. Get ready as Dr.

Feelgood is in your house of health, wellbeing and your day job. This cycle is going to be all about enhanced work opportunities and wellbeing. If you have been looking to change jobs or return to the workforce, Jupiter should usher in at least one golden opportunity for you. For more on this cycle, please read your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast for Leo.

If you were 18 or over 12 years ago, think back to what opportunities appeared back then on the work or study front. Diving into a role that simply works for you is one benefit Jupiter in here can bring. Whether you do paid work or not. If your energy has been lagging lately, Jupiter in here should restore your joie de vivre.

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You should expect big changes to either your job or your attitude towards your own wellbeing to appear this month ahead of possibly even bigger changes in the next. We are entering Capricorn weather even though your ruler, the Sun remains shining in your 5 th right up until the 22 nd. Yes, the focus remains on all those themes close to that golden Leo heart of yours. Mercury exits its retroshadow phase on the 7 th and brings invitations and amps up the flirt factor from the 9 th when it too enters your 5 th. A full Moon in your 11 th this month on the 12 th also allows you to shine like a star on top of that tree.

Plus love and romance — wrapped in long term promises under the mistletoe, remain on that wishlist as Venus enters its ruling 7 th in your chart on the 20 th. This is due to that big planetary build up in your 6 th as well as planets impacting on the South Node in here. Again, if you were 18 or over 19 years ago, think back to the work themes or opportunities around you then.

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They could come full circle now. Especially in terms of rewards for past efforts as the South Node is linked to your karma. Venus will meet the South Node on the 2 nd and Ceres on the 8 th. Looking to escape the daily grind or want to look forward to Mondays again? If you are applying for a new position or promotion now, make this your stand-out moment.

Super 6 th house weather is going to take you on into the new year. Status making angles occur between Jupiter and Uranus in your career zone.

Libra Weekly Astrology Forecast March 7th 2016 with Michele Knight

Ruler the Sun will make the same angle on the 24 th. Unexpected opportunities, positive shifts in a fresh direction could be yours to explore. The new Moon in your 6 th on the 26 th is usually about bringing fresh meaning to the work you do. However, this new Moon will trigger an Annular eclipse of your ruler. It also falls conjunct Jupiter in here.

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You may not yet see the full potential of something or that bigger picture. However, this may begin to emerge around the 27 th when for the first time in 12 years, your ruler and Jupiter meet in here. Doors to that new world of working and feeling may open wide. If it works — work it! More information is going to come to light especially around wellness issues or your work. Before Venus enters your 7 th , it will meet both Saturn 11 th and Pluto 13 th.

This points to rewards for past efforts and transformation. Expect a better fit to appear. And a fitter you. You may be ending the year asking questions around what is my path and what am I destined to do? You need work with meaning now. Ruler the Sun conjunct the South Node on the 30 th provides insight. This is also the day when Mercury makes a reputation enhancing angle to Uranus.

This could propel you out of that career rut — or see you taking radical steps to make that happen. The year ends with you feeling you are ready to conquer the world. Or at least your little corner of it when it comes to what you do and how you feel. Aim higher as we head off into , Leo.

In a nutshell: That higher purpose, working with true meaning and the path you are here to walk are in focus now. Opportunities could appear out of the blue now. If it works — work it, Leo! Supersize the love this December, Virgo! Here comes Jupiter to restore your belief that love truly is, all around you. And to make romance fun again. Settleds could re-kindle that rush of the early days of their connection. Or make babies as this is the house of children. If you already have children expect to share fun, play and good times. Jupiter could also open doors to the right school or university.

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Singles could attract more than one potential romantic partner who could be free-spirited, breezily sexy and unfortunately for you, messy. If so, this is telling you to let go and lighten up. For more on Jupiter in here, read your Jupiter in Capricorn forecast for your sign. As draws to a finale and we head into , you are going to be doing so under Super 5 th house weather.

The South Node is linked to fate and karma. What goes around, comes around. Cycles we continue to live again and again until we learn from them and step free. A different outcome is on the table this time around. Venus meets the South Node in here on the 3rd and Ceres on the 8 th. If you were 18 or over 12 or 19 years ago its time to look back and examine what was happening in your love life, with your children if you had them, or with creative projects if you were involved with those.

Something comes full circle but with a difference. That difference is you, what you have learned from this and the choice you can make now.

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  6. Ruler Mercury is out of its retroshadow this month. It arrives in your 4 th on the 9 th.